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Where can I have my ceremony?

In using a celebrant, you can have your ceremony wherever you choose: indoors, outdoors, a hotel, a marquee, on a beach, in your back garden, on a canal boat, etc. It's really up to you.

Does the venue need to be licensed for weddings?

No. It is a ceremony, but there are no legalities, so it can be held anywhere.

When can I have the ceremony?

I only perform one ceremony per day, and this keeps your date just for you. It can take place on that day from sunrise to sunset. Timing is not a problem. An evening wedding that leads into an evening reception is becoming very popular, for example.

Is the Ceremony Unique?

The ceremony will be completely bespoke and written for you It should be as unique as you are, so you have full approval of all included within it.

How much will it cost?

For a handwritten, unique ceremony, often it's far higher in value than the cost for a church wedding or having a registrar conduct the service.

Every ceremony is individually priced, so, give me a call to discuss. You will be pleasantly surprised!

Can I have music at my wedding?

Oh yes! Be it a brass band, violinist, or a good old simple CD, how you listen to your favourite songs is up to you.

You can include religious music, classical, funk, rhythm and blues, folk, jazz, a barber shop quartet, etc. You get the idea.

Can I have readings and poems?

You can provide your own selection, or we can help and guide you with some ideas. Then these can be read either by family, friends, your celebrant, or a mixture.

What about our vows?

You can write your own vows to one another, or we can suggest vows suitable to you as a couple.

Is photography/videography allowed?

Absolutely! We need all those memories and smiles capturing and the special moment to watch back in the future.

I've been married before, with children – can they be included?

Children bring an extra dimension to a ceremony. Depending on their age, they can give a reading or take part in a Sand or Unity Candle Ceremony. Ultimately, we can design something specifically for your children to help them feel part of the day.

You can even include your dog if you wish.

I'm very shy and dread speaking in front of everyone.

Who wouldn't be? Nerves are natural on the day. Together, we will make your ceremony so that you will feel entirely comfortable. I will guide you and be close buy on the day to help you through.

Can we have a rehearsal?

Yes, you can. We can discuss this at our meeting.

How long does the ceremony take?

You are in control. It can be as long or as short as you wish. Allowing for 30-45 minutes will typically get you the special elements included,

Will my guests know it is a celebration ceremony and not the actual marriage?

Your family and friends will not notice any difference, if that's the way you want it. The ceremony we design and deliver for you can have all the elements they expect: entrance of the bride, readings, your vows, exchanging your rings, that first kiss, and signing your certificate Note the certificate is only commemorative and has no legal basis in English law.

Important Legal Note:

Under current English law, only a Registrar or Priest can issue a Marriage Certificate. You still need to give the statutory notice of your marriage. We suggest you attend your Registry Office to collect this a few days beforehand. They will explain the process in more detail. Simply ask them for a 'Registration Only' service and save all the ceremonial elements (vows, ring exchange, etc.) until your celebration date.

Are you insured?

Yes, I have full public liability insurance.

Do you travel?

Yes, I can deliver ceremonies across the UK and internationally. Travel and accommodation costs are in addition to ceremony fees.


Ceremonies are bespoke and prices vary accordingly.

Wedding ceremonies start at £500*.

You will also receive a keepsake copy of your ceremony, and further copies can be purchased separately as gifts for parents.

Ceremony elements are in addition to the ceremony fee, and prices are available on request.

*A booking fee of £250 is required.

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